• a private placement program platform & a Wealth Management Hedge FUND

    About No Risk Fund 2.0

    Private Placement Wealth Management Fund

    a.k.a.    PPP or PPO or PPOP (ex; Private Placement Platform) 

    This unique technique is only for serious, qualified Applicants with 100,000,000 USD or Euros.  (Some Hard Asset Equivalents, too).  Money is deposited in Client's OWN NAME as a STANDARD TRADING ACCOUNT with an IBAN code at the Trader's first rank Bank.  Sometimes Client's cash does not have to be moved from your own bank!

         Client's funds are NEVER USED in trading, only "screened or pinged" so your Principal (Capital) is NEVER SPENT!  



    The way that the contractual documentation is written (by the Trader Manager, NO RISK FUND 2.0) NO ONE except the Fund Owner can withdraw any money from his dedicated account at the top rated Trader's Bank, London!  

    Only the TRADER'S Credit Line established against the Client's "show of funds" is utilised.   Again, there will NOT be a block placed on the Placement of his initial Capital Equity!

    A unique technique . . . but not for everyone!

                Click the INTRODUCTORY OVERVIEW & AAA Order Form  buttons to download & review at your own pace and consider participating and at what level  "matched trades" you will be interested in placing into this PRIVATE 40 week commitment. 

                 The Client's Monthly Yield (leveraged and compounded profits) increase monthly, exponentially based on the amount/value and size of the initial contractual deposit.

                  Again, see (CLICK) both downloads for your close review and consideration of this Private Placement Platform.  

                  We think you will be impressed.   --T1L

    Downloads for your close review:

    A.  Click the three page Introductory Overview to this Private Placement Platform utilizing "matched trades" Buy/Sell opportunities for your review/consideration/study for answers you need for your informed decisions;

    And/or . . . checkout the GLOSSARY Of PPP Key Terms, eleven pages added 5-14-2018.

    Then . . .

     B.  (First step moving forward)  the two page AAA Order Form and four page Q Card Application.


    You will find this unique technique is incomparable to all others.

    Not meant to be for everyone, however, there are some who will be impressed.

    INTRODUCTORY OVERVIEW; revised 3-6-2018, all others are obsolete! (pdf)


    FIRST STEP = AAA Order Form and the Q Card Application; version March-10-2018, all others are obsolete! (pdf)


    Glossary of Private Placement Terms 2018-5-14 (pdf)


    Mid-Term Notes . . . "What are they?"


    a  34 page 'white paper' dedicated to a High-Yield opportunity.  Click to download.

    Then print your hard copy to closely review/study at your own pace.

    Get ready to really drill down into this very elusive arena not available to most! Private Placement Program

    M. T. N.s DECODED + more Revised May 5, '18 (pdf)